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Right Corner Workshop: Variable Printing

Wed, Jul 24, 2013 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Deadline Digital Printing
1048 W. 27TH STREET
Ste #B
Norfolk, Virginia 23517
Introducing our new Member Only series: "Right Corner Workshops"
Our first workshop, Variable Printing, is presented by Deadline Digital Printing.

Join us  for a fun and informative workshop where you'll get up close and personal with Deadline staff as they present the entire Variable Printing process. 

Light refreshments will be served and you'll get to take home a cool, personalized "I Am AIGA HR" poster. 

(Don't forget to submit your information when you register, via submission Link )
This workshop is LIMITED to the first 15 Members 

Why the "Right Corner" you ask?
Well, how many times have you heard "where is that" when you said you were from Hampton Roads? We've started telling people Hampton Roads is "the Right Corner of Virginia". And then they say "oh, Norfolk, right". Yeah...
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