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Calling All Do-Gooders

AIGA Hampton Roads is launching a Design for Good program and wants to know what its members have to say. We want this program to meet your needs and the specific needs of our community. With so much opportunity to do good, it is important we kick things off right by giving you the floor to shape the program into a rewarding experience, on a professional and personal level.

What is Design for Good?

Often it means partnering with non-profits and lending our time and expertise to help these organizations achieve their goals.

Making the Connection

Designers bring a set of valuable skills to the table that help unpack and tackle the social issues we face today, namely the ability to demonstrate empathy, identify key issues, and develop unconventional solutions. In addition, designers have access to communication channels and possess the technical know-how to operate within those channels enabling us to educate, influence, and change behaviors. Recognizing the designer’s unique position to create social change, AIGA launched the Design for Good initiative in 2007 with the intent of

  • demonstrating the power of design to communities, business leaders and the public
  • connecting socially engaged designers with resources—such as advice, inspiration, training and opportunities to do work that is meaningful, and
  • expanding the reach of social engagement projects without increasing the burden on individual designers (aiga.org).

In short, Design for Good is a platform to enable designers to do the work they want to do, but often lack the means and support to complete.

The Bigger Picture

In recent years the conversation has expanded to one of social innovation, an emerging design field that seeks transformational change through design thinking around issues such as poverty, food scarcity, and sustainability.

Social innovation offers new opportunities for designers and the profession that can also feel more gratifying and rewarding for those involved.

Your Opinion Matters

Our members are the pulse of AIGA Hampton Roads. We want to know what you think. Have you seen a need within the Hampton Roads community that could benefit from design thinking? Do you know of a worthy organization working to create social change in our backyard? What challenges have you encountered when trying to practice social innovation within your workplace? What skills and knowledge do you wish you had to make practicing social innovation easier? Who do you know that can speak to these issues? Let us know by responding to this post or email us at designforgood@hamptonroads.aiga.org.

Ready to Join the Movement?

We are excited about empowering our creative community to give back, to be change leaders, and communicate the value of our profession to the public. If you are interested in joining a committee of designers, local business leaders, investors, and strategists for the purpose of creating tangible social change within your community or know of someone you think should be a part of this, please email designforgood@hamptonroads.aiga.org.

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