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by aigahamptonroads
We’re excited to introduce you to Rob Green. He will be presenting "Building Brands for Digital Platforms" on March 23rd at Hatch in Norfolk. Here's an insight into Rob's background and his influences as Creative Director at his company, Mobelux.
Community Events, Featured · February 14, 2017
by aigahamptonroads
This month's member spotlight is a talented illustrator and storyteller who has managed to blend her two passions into a freelance career. Cherilyn Colbert is a Hampton Roads transplant with over a decade of working as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. We caught up with Cherilyn recently to see what she has been up to and to also understand how her profession evolved into blending her love of illustration and her love of storytelling.
Featured, Member Spotlight · November 4, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
So, you're going to be your own boss. Congratulations! That's great, but now what? The most common first step is to register for a business license from the locality you're operating in. Another common form of registration is for state and local taxes – either general business, personal property, sales or some combination of those. (Registration for licenses and taxes may be the same or they may be different processes.) Lastly, some business types may need an additional or special licenses.
Community Events, Featured · February 1, 2017
by aigahamptonroads
At the 2016 Norfolk NEON Festival, Sway Creative Labs and AIGA Hampton Roads partnered to host SPARK, a juried exhibition and silent auction of posters celebrating the New Energy of Norfolk. Top submissions were displayed in the exhibition along Magazine Lane during the festival.
Community Events, Featured · November 10, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
We’re excited to introduce you to Jarrett Beeler. He will be presenting "Slashing Your Title" on November 16th at Hatch in Norfolk. Here is an insight on how Jarrett's path to where he is now and where he is going both personally and in his work.
Featured · November 10, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
We’re excited to introduce you to Randy Hunt. He’s presenting ‘From Lascaux to Snapchat: Design for a Complex World’ on September 28 at Central Library in Virginia Beach. We recently sat down with Randy to talk about his day-to-day work and play.
Featured · September 19, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
SPARK is a one-night exhibition & silent auction of 30 posters from local artists, designers, and students celebrating the New Energy of Norfolk. The exhibition takes place during the NEON Festival on Friday, September 16 from 6-9pm. The exhibition will take place outdoors along Magazine Lane, right across the street from the Glass Wheel Studio and Work|Release – both of which we encourage you to check out the night of the exhibition!
Community Events, Featured · September 1, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
With all of the talented souls making Hampton Roads a creative community, we wanted to highlight one of our AIGA Hampton Roads members. Allow us to introduce, Scuba Steve, or Scuba, as he is known by friends and family.
Featured, Member Spotlight · August 15, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
In contribution to this year’s NEON Festival, AIGA Hampton Roads + Sway are partnering to host SPARK — a juried exhibition & silent auction of posters celebrating the New Energy of Norfolk. We want to see your interpretation of "the new energy of Norfolk" – how it currently is and your hopes for how it could be. With this in mind, design an 18”x24” poster that only you could make!
Community Events, Featured · August 2, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
The AIGA online membership system will be down for 7 days. August 2-9, we are getting ready for an awesome upgrade. Contact us to join, renew, or upgrade your membership. M-F 9am- 5pm. Email: membership@aiga.org Call: 212-710-3136
Featured · August 2, 2016
by aigahamptonroads
AIGA Hampton Roads is launching a Design for Good program and wants to know what its members have to say. We want this program to meet your needs and the specific needs of our community. With so much opportunity to do good, it is important we kick things off right by giving you the floor to shape the program into a rewarding experience, on a professional and personal level.
Community Events, Featured · July 22, 2016

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