AIGA encourages the formation of student groups at colleges and universities and is committed to developing these groups as a way of encouraging students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their professional interest and assisting them in understanding the profession. The goal of the student groups is to get the student involved in the local design community, create a community of their own and help them build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world. More…


These requirements reflect our experience of the past several years of what makes a successful group. Adhering to them will help ensure that the group runs smoothly and enables students to get the most out of their AIGA membership.

  • Each student group must have a faculty adviser, who must sign a formal agreement in order to activate the group. The faculty adviser is the liaison between the students and AIGA and is responsible for the formation and maintenance of the student group. In return for the extra work required of the faculty adviser to run a successful group, AIGA provides the adviser with a complimentary professional-level membership for taking on the responsibility of starting and running the student group.
  • Each group must have at least 10 students with active AIGA memberships at all times.
  • The faculty adviser must sign and return the student group agreement to start or continue a group. Signed agreements are due once a year to renew.
  • The faculty adviser is required to maintain a roster of who is in the group; a current listing of the students affiliated with the group may be viewed by logging into the adviser’s AIGA profile at
  • The faculty adviser must encourage students to keep their contact information updated (e.g., change of address, email, graduation date, major) by logging in to their own profiles at
  • The faculty adviser is required to submit a year-end report outlining the group’s activities throughout the year. The reports are due by July 1.
  • The faculty adviser assumes accountability for programming funds collected and spent.


A new agreement must be signed and returned to AIGA each year, to confirm that the student group will continue, and to renew the faculty adviser’s complimentary membership. Failure to return a signed agreement will cause the student group to be deactivated.


AIGA will recognize one (and only one) faculty adviser per campus. Full-time faculty members are encouraged to take advantage of the special AIGA educator rate. See full-time faculty membership for more information.


Old Dominion University
As a student group, we have a great opportunity to connect with the design community in our area, host events and meetings on campus, and create a strong sense of community among designers right here on campus.

Ivanete BlancoIvanete Blanco
Faculty Advisor

AIGA ODU on Facebook

Thomas Nelson Community College
We are a like-minded group of artistic visual design students, faculty, alumni and associates at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton created to encourage and assist students to become active in the visual arts community.

Cece WheelerCece Wheeler
Faculty Advisor

AIGA TNCC on Facebook