Hampton Roads
In contribution to this year’s NEON Festival, AIGA Hampton Roads is bringing back SPARK — a juried exhibition & silent auction of posters exploring the most pressing issues in our communities. We’re reaching out to our creative community to ask: “What’s an issue in your community that’s meaningful to you?” With this in mind, design an 18”x24” poster that only you could make!
September 8, 2017
On Thursday May 11th, AIGA Hampton Roads will host Becca Clason - a stop-motion lettering artist, at O'Connor's Brewery. Chew this over - Becca's clients include Disney, Target, The Washington Post, Citibank, Mattel, Sabra Dipping Co., General Mills’ Lärabar, American Express, Kellogg’s Special K, L’Oréal and many more! Take a bite out her lecture - We chatted with Becca about the ins-and-outs of her design career, her favorite materials to work with, and what she does when she’s not playing with her food.
April 22, 2017
On Thursday, April 6, Hampton Roads will host Aaron Draplin – legendary designer, author, and founder of Draplin Design Co. Aaron has designed for Field Notes, Nike, Burton, Red Wing, Ford Motor Company, Bernie Sanders, and the Obama Administration. In partnership with AIGA Hampton Roads, Aaron Draplin will host an evening lecture on Thursday, April 6.
March 28, 2017

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