Hampton Roads

We are you. The AIGA HR Board is made up of a small team of designers from across the seven cities who use their time and talents to move our association forward. There is no special requirement for serving other than a belief in the power of design as a force for change, and the desire to give back to our community.


  • Savannah Kaylor

    Savannah Kaylor


    Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Unknown




    The Vice President is generally involved in all of AIGA Hampton Roads’ activities, although its major contributions are in strategy, programming, and operations. This position works to maintain the high quality of Chapter programs and to ensure programs are meeting the needs of members and using Chapter resources effectively. The Vice President also acts to support the President and the rest of the board in their functions.

    More specifically, the Vice President: works with the President to oversee the development of the chapter and ensures that chapter activities are in alignment with its mission and annual strategic goals; works with the President to prioritize chapter operations and delegates workload to ensure board efforts are in the best interest of the chapter’s members as well as its financial and organizational health; Ensures programs are executed on time, within budget, and according to the organization’s mission and goals.

  • Stephanie Kuper

    Stephanie Kuper


    Leesa Sleep

  • Unknown


    Finance Director


    The Finance Director ensures the responsible management of the chapter’s assets, sets and oversees the annual budget, and submits monthly finance reports to the Board. The Finance Director helps establish and provide oversight for fiscal policy and boundaries, knowing the chapter’s budget, budget process and financial situation. The Finance Director is also responsible for filing the chapter’s taxes annually.


  • Hanna Zaino

    Hannah Zaino

    Brand Manager

    Sway Creative Labs

  • Chris Hatfield

    Chris Hatfield

    Membership Director

    Freelance Designer

  • Kyle Jones

    Kyle Jones

    Programming Director

    Buzz Franchise Brands

  • Landon Cooper

    Landon Cooper

    Communications Director

    Old Dominion University

  • Matthew Singleton

    Matthew Singleton

    Communications Co-Chair

    Ciniva Web Agency

  • Christina Boubas

    Christina Boubas

    Design for Good Director

    Eastern Virginia Medical School

  • Janice Pang

    Janice Pang

    Community Outreach Director


  • Kyle White

    Kyle White

    Education Director


  • Danny Mangosing

    Danny Mangosing

    Interactive Director

    Thomas Nelson Community College

  • Kevin Carobine

    Kevin Carobine

    Member at Large

    City of Virginia Beach

  • Carl Cleanthes

    Carl Cleanthes

    Member at Large

    Epic Made

  • Alex Salas

    Alex Salas

    Member at Large

    Freelance Graphic Designer

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Pasadena · Thursday, April 4, 2019 - Saturday, April 6, 2019