8 Questions with Rob Green from Mobelux

We’re excited to introduce you to Rob Green. He will be presenting “Building Brands for Digital Platforms” on March 23rd at Hatch in Norfolk. Here’s an insight into Rob’s background and his influences as Creative Director at his company, Mobelux.

What: Building Brands for Digital Platforms
Where: The Hatch, 111 Grandy St, Norfolk, VA, 23510
When: Thursday, March 23, 2017, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

AIGA HR: What is the title of your talk?
RG: Building Brands for Digital Products

AIGA HR: Can you please tell me a short description of yourself?
RG: I was born and raised in Richmond, I’m married to a lovely wife, and I’ve got two goofy kids. I went to VCU for graphic design and have since worked for several companies doing lots of stuff from websites to caricatures. Today, I’m the Creative Director for Mobelux where I work to brand and create digital products that help to run, manage, and grow some really interesting companies.

AIGA HR: What is it about designing for digital platforms that most excites you?
RG: It’s iterative and it’s fast. Nothing is ever really done or set in stone or too late. Maybe it’s just me, but as soon as I’m done with something I hate it. And if I don’t hate it, I instantly think of fifty ways that I could have done it differently, quicker, more efficiently, or all of the above. For example, when I’m done with an app and it launches on the App Store I can always go back and change an icon, remove a field, tweak an instance of rouge type, make a process more clear to the user, etc. There’s always an opportunity to fix a problem and really make something better.

AIGA HR: What would you be doing if you didn’t have a career in design?
RG: My wife and I have a secret dream of opening our own bakery and coffee shop. I would also love to be a bass player in a funk band with matching outfits and choreographed dancing.

AIGA HR: How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
RG: I spend most of my time hanging out with my wife, Christina, and my two kiddos, Olive & Sage (Olive Green / Sage Green — this is what you get when you marry a designer). When Christina and I aren’t playing in our band or doing dinner with friends we’re either reading or watching and reciting our favorite episodes of The Office.

AIGA HR: Did you have a mentor? If so, what was the most important thing they taught you?
RG: Most of what I love about design I inherited from my dad. My dad taught me to think like a designer. He taught me to approach every project as an opportunity to really sell an idea and do it with great craft and care — even halloween costumes (he made me a really great Edward Scissorhands costume once with big, printed and mounted scissor-hand props). More practically, through watching his career, I’ve learned how to think and operate as a designer independent of changing technologies. He hand-drew graphics for the local news in the ’70s, made vector clipart in the ’80s before bezier curves were a thing (let that sink in), designed websites in the early ’90s, and just finished his first iOS app last year — truly an example to us all.

AIGA HR: Sweet or savory?
RG: Savory. I love sweets but I’m a bread man. I love the smell, the sound, the feel, the chew. If you’re ever in Richmond, be sure to check out Sub Rosa or Idle Hands.

AIGA HR: How can we follow your work and get in touch with you? (website, twitter, Instagram, etc.)
Email: rob@mobelux.com
Mobelux: mobelux.com
Dribbble: dribbble.com/robgreen
Instagram: instagram.com/seerobdesign

There are still a few spots left — so register today!

By aigahamptonroads
Published February 14, 2017