The Norfolk Arts District (non-profit status pending) seeks an exciting, all-ages-friendly mural for the Bob’s wall. This wall is seen by thousands in their cars every day and can be seen blocks down Granby St. in Downtown Norfolk. It is the hope this work plants the flag for the District, proclaiming it a place where serious–and seriously fun–public art happens.

Budget: $10,000. This includes everything—artist time, travel, materials, lift, etc. There are no existing lights on the wall so budget should include lighting, ideally solar-powered.

Selection committee: Chelsy Carter, neighborhood resident; Charlotte Potter, Chrysler Glass Studio; Charles Burnell and Careyann Weinberg, Alchemy Norfolk; Hannah Serrano and Jesse Scaccia, AltDaily; Jason Levesque, aka stuntkid.

Submission deadline: December 23rd, 2013, at midnight.

To submit: Email the following to

  • 3-5 examples or your large scale work

  • An artist statement talking about what excites you about this opportunity

  • A description of your idea for this particular mural and/or sketches

  • Outline of your budget

  • Any supporting material you wish to include.

For more information please visit:

By aigahamptonroads
Published December 5, 2013