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InSight: AIGA Student Portfolio Review 2017

Sun, Apr 23, 2017 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Slover Library
235 East Plume Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

InSight is the first Student Portfolio Review of its kind in Hampton Roads. This all-day event aims to equip emerging designers with the awareness, confidence, and tenacity necessary to thrive in the professional world.


"Is Getting Hired More Science or Art?"

Matt Paddock | General Manager @ Grow

What to do when your job hunt feels less textbook and more like an episode of some reality dating / survival show? There are lots of ways to market yourself but many of them feel inauthentic, especially when we'd all just like to be appreciated for our skills and experience. The job you land out of school could be a throwaway, or it could define your career for several decades. The good news is that you have a lot of choice and power, and making the transition from student to real-world designer is more science than art.

Portfolio Reviewers

Alex Christian | Associate Creative Director, Grow

Adam Law | Owner, Adam Law Creative

Barry Harbour | Junior Designer, Grow

Brian Villalon | Freelance Designer

Derek Munn | Art Director, RedChalk

Freda Shaver | Creative Director, Tidewater Community College

Hampton Boyer | Professor, Hampton University

Hannah Zaino | Junior Creative, Sway

Heather Boone | Professor, Tidewater Community College

Ivanete Blanco | Professor, Old Dominion University

Janice Hathaway | Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College

Joseph Branton | Design Director, Grow

Kimberly Munn | Co-founder, Maple & Belmont

Kyle White | Sr. UX Designer, Leesa

Matt Singleton | Creative Director, Leesa

Michael Novia | Art Director, Grow

Mitchell Murphy | ‎Head of Design, Leesa

Noel Miciano | UX Designer, Brand Journey

Savannah Kaylor | Creative Director, Savannah Kaylor

And More...


Subject to change.


Brian Villalon | Freelance Designer

Adam Law | Found, Adam Law Creative


Savannah Kaylor | Freelance Designer

Freda Shaver | Creative Director, Tidewater Community College


Michael Novia | Art Director, Grow

Alex Christian | Associate Creative Director, Grow

Recent Grads

Cindy Pham | Junior Designer, Grow

Hannah Zaino | Junior Creative, Sway


9am: Registration & Breakfast

10am: Keynote

11am - 3pm: Scheduled Portfolio Reviews

12: Lunch

1-3pm: Panels


Email the organizers Janice Pang, Kyle Jones, and Hannah Zaino: