Freelancer Collective – A New Resource Featuring Local Talent

We’re creating yet another reason why you should be a part of AIGA Hampton Roads.

As we begin the New Year, AIGA Hampton Roads wants to unite freelancers in our area. Our goal is to create a go-to list of freelancers to be accessed by those looking for talent.

Why should you be on it? AIGA Hampton Roads is frequently asked by creative directors and small business owners for suggestions on which freelancers they should hire. If we don’t know you, we can’t recommend you.

What will the “collective” display? In addition to the obvious information like your name and contact info, it will also include your specialties, a link to your website and a brief bio.

What do you have to do to get on it? Simply submit your information here.

AIGA membership is NOT required in order to be included in the listings (although, membership is strongly encouraged—we do lots of fun things, after all). So, share with your freelancer friends, even if they aren’t AIGA Hampton Roads members.

Sign up today!

By aigahamptonroads
Published December 24, 2013