Paper Specs (FREE Webinar) What Designers Really Need to Know about Color Forecasts

The annual color forecasts are full of inspiration. They also bring to mind real-world questions designers need to answer. Are these colors passing trends or part of a broader movement? Can I use these colors on the kinds of projects I design?

In Paper Specs next free webinar, Making Color Make Sense, color expert Jack Bredenfoerder will show  you how to differentiate between color forecasts (fleeting and subjective) and color forecasting (thoughtful and relevant).

Once you hear his tips and techniques, you’ll have the tools to be a color guru and design innovator. Your clients will thank you!

Webinar Highlights
During the webinar, Bredenfoerder will show designers how to look at current and developing color directions so they can more confidently predict how a brand or project may respond. Highlights include:

  • Color Movements (Past, Present, Future)
  • Micro vs. Macro Color Forecasting
  • Color Influences (Social, Cultural, Psychological)
  • Color Forecasts vs. Color Forecasting
  • Emerging Trends (Fashion, Home Décor, Tech, Transportation)
  • Color Report and Forecasting Resources (Free and Low Cost)
  • Becoming a Color Innovator

You don’t want to miss Making Color Make Sense.

Thursday, Dec. 4
2 pm ET / 11 am PT



By aigahamptonroads
Published November 25, 2014