Start Norfolk – THIS Weekend!

Start Norfolk is a weekend long event bringing together individuals of different mind and skill sets— entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, designers, and business professionals —with the goal of building a viable startup.

Start Norfolk will have some new elements this September, but the core will be the same. Pitch on Friday night and build all weekend. We are limiting the amount of tickets to 100, this will give the Start Norfolk team and mentors the ability to work longer with each company. We are also changing up the judging, unlike a group of 4-5 judges who make the calls, we’ve decided to let the audience make that decision.

“I felt like I was the the Woodstock of Technology, it was legendary.”

“Start Norfolk was a Titanic event.”

Aneesh Chopra, Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America, said, “Start Norfolk exceeded expectations in the quality – and number – of budding high growth entrepreneurs ready to take charge in accelerating our economic recovery.”

We have designed amazing workshops to get your ideas validated, built, marketed and making money. And Fast, 48 hours fast.

At the end of Start Norfolk, we want to see validated, money making, Minimum Viable Product startups.

Start Norfolk is for anyone who wants to create something; from designers and engineers to those with just an idea or those whose craft is in marketing, numbers, cold calling, hitting the pavement and everything you can think a startup could need. This is your time!

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By aigahamptonroads
Published September 25, 2013