You’ve Launched Your Creative Business. What’s Next?

The following post contains excerpts from the Briefcase Legal blog.

So, you’re going to be your own boss. Congratulations! That’s great, but now what?

The most common first step is to register for a business license from the locality you’re operating in. Another common form of registration is for state and local taxes – either general business, personal property, sales or some combination of those. (Registration for licenses and taxes may be the same or they may be different processes.) Lastly, some business types may need an additional or special licenses. The following are the general requirements of state and federal laws that most business need to consider to comply with state and local law:

  • State Tax Registration
  • Business License
  • Zoning Approval for Operations
  • Industry Specific Registration
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Compensation Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Laws
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act

The above list isn’t meant to be exhaustive but it should get you thinking about what state and local requirements might apply to your business.

By now you’ve probably starting thinking about what you need to do to protect yourself, your business, and your intellectual property as you operate your business going forward. This can seem like a daunting task that includes drafting proposals and contracts, protecting your work from theft or misuse, and ensuring that clients are paying for work completed.

If these are some of the challenges you’re facing as a new business owner or freelance designer – you’re not alone – these weigh heavy on the minds of every working creative person. That’s why AIGA Hampton Roads has teamed up with the legal professionals at Briefcase Legal to provide Launch, Grow, Protect: Legal Essentials for Creatives, a workshop that will help you identify, prevent and prepare for the legal issues that creatives are constantly faced with. In this workshop, the Briefcase Legal team will provide hands-on guidance on how to protect your business, backed up by real-world knowledge and experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to launch, grow and protect your creative business. Register today!

By aigahamptonroads
Published February 1, 2017